We are searching for a female danish team, who are ready to rise to the occasion to become a top FE team in dk.

We offer our 24/7 bootcamp and housing while on training camp, and paid lan events / Online tournaments & ofcourse a team uniform. A coach for the team is provided and we also work with a mental coach as well as a dietist and other perks.

What we are searching for or at least aiming at.

  • We are looking for players in the age spectrum 16-30 who are on fire to build a solid team over the next 6-12 month.
  • Mature and ready to put in the grind to become a top tier in danish FE CSGO.
  • You know how to use Faceit, ESEA and so on and also are on point with new tournaments in the horizons.
  • Communication is key and we expect a positive 2 ways communication.
  • No toxic, diva or otherwise demoralizing actions towards players, staff or others while under Hydras.

Do you think you have what it takes? Then feel free to email us at csgofe@hydras.one

Other games we are into

League of Legends