We are so lucky that even though we are a semi pro organisation we have our own 24/7 bootcamp facility located in the heart of the beautiful town Helsingør and to top it all of we are situated at Kronborg Castle an Unesco’s world heritage.

– Being in such historic environment also bolster our proudness a great deal, and the feeling of belonging to the City of Helsingør and as a part of the municipality here.

Our bootcamp consist of 6 gaming rigs full pro gaming gear equipped and of course compatible gaming chairs, fibernet, camera’s, green screen, podcast studio besides a kitchen/meeting room and the very delicious opportunity to get a real oldschool bath in a bathtub.

Outside our windows less than 50 meters away Kronborg Castle stands tall and proud, inside the 15 meters thick ring wall constructed around the whole Kronborg area back in 1716 by Chr.5. and an area also really worth doing “walk and talk” when having team on training camps.

It’s possible to rent our bootcamp and we are also able to help with housing at a reasonable price, interested? contact us here.